Locust Tree Facts

Locust tree refers to trees that come from the Gleditsia or Robinia genera which are members of the legume family. Most known locust trees are the black locust tree and the honey locust. They are hardwood trees that grow rapidly in shade and can withstand many enviromental stresses such as poor soil. Locust trees are hards and they adapt quickly. Because of their chracateristics they are considered invasive species in some areas.

-Locust trees grow about 50 feet tall.
-They have shallow and aggressive root systems.
-The bark is red, brown or black with some patches.
-Leaves are dark green, deciduous, alternate and distinctive yellow in the fall.
-Honey locust produces fragnant flowers that are yellowish and hang in clusters.
-Locust wood is hard, dense, strong and used in many industrial properties.
-Locust trees are resistant to disease and pests.
-Black Locust produces showy, aromatic, cream colored flowers.
-Locust trees will produce fruits if the flowers get pollinated.
-Locust trees are pollinated by bees and hummingbirds.
-Locusts are great for providing good homes for birds and other animals such as woodpeckers.

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