African Locust Bean Tree

African locust bean trees are native to West Indies and West Africa. It makes a food source for local people. The seeds from the African bean trees are fermented to get an edible substance which is known as dawadawa. It’s a food source with high protein levels of 30 percent.

The African locust bean tree is a really tall tree that can reach a heigh of more than 65 feet. The foliage is bipinnate and there are about 60 invidivdual leaflets per leaf. There trees are able to self pillinate. They produce flowers that come in red and orange shades. Pods appear after the flowers fall off. The pods are usually about 17 inches long. When the dark green seed pods mature, they will turn a deep brown color. Each pod has about 30 individual seeds. when seeds mature, they are harvested to use in culinary purposes such as stews and soups.

African locust bean trees are also used in medicinal purposes. The bark of the tree is also used as a snake antivenom. The African locust bean tree is a very important tree for local people because it gives them a lot of benefits. The tree will begin seed production at about 5 to 10 years old. It can be found mostly on savannahs, farmland and rocky landscapes. The African locust bean tree can grow in rainforests, but also tolerates drought very well. Many other locust trees have bean pods which are edible by many animals and some by humans, but there are some locust pods which are poisonous for humans and this includes the Black locust pods.

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